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Like so many other ladies out there I have a teeny designer BAG FETISH!.  My first designer bag was a Gucci handbag over 10 years ago, then it just escalated from there to Burberry, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Mulberry & many more.  This all started at a very early age but my all time favorite designer handbags are my Chanel Handbags.

My mum could clarify this when we both use to watch Dynasty back in the late 80’s and all I would talk about was “I love that bag mummy what that lady has with the Gold chain” That bag being a timeless classic Chanel.

My lovely Mum surprised me a few years ago while she was at the airport with buying me the Timeless Classic Lambskin handbag with Silver hardware .  She knew that this was my dream handbag and I absolutely adore it.  As the leather is so soft though I only use this bag for very special occasions.

When we go away we usually travel from Heathrow Airport. Terminals 3 & 4 both have a Chanel Boutique and I have since gone on to purchase another Chanel Classic bag along with some Chanel Ballet Pumps and Purse from there.

The savings I feel are great if you’re looking to invest in a Chanel Hanbag as you’re saving 20% on the price and with some of the Chanel handbag prices this can make a massive difference.

As I’m always being asked how much do you actually save and as I’ve recently visited the boutique at Heathrow Terminal 3. I managed to get some up to date prices for some of the Chanel Classic Bags for you:

Baby 2.55 Flap Bag £2,145
Small 2.55 Flap Bag £2,225
Medium 2.55 Flap Bag £2,479
Timeless Classic Small: £2,116
Timeless Classic Medium: £2,225
Timeless Classic Jumbo: £2,479
Maxi Flap Bag £2,691
Available in Caviar or Lambskin Leather
Medium Shopping Bag £933

Large Shopping Bag £1,033
Medium Bag: £1,191
Available in Black or Beige
Tote £1,333.00
Available in Black or Beige

And here's my lovely little collection...

Prices do increase each year for the bags and looking at my receipts which I always recommend you keep! there is quite a difference in price as to when I purchased them.

I hope this blog was useful and it would be great to hear what Chanel bags you own.

Love Jo x



  1. Kris From Singapore9 September 2012 at 11:46

    Hi, how much is your wallet? Did you buy it at Heathrow Airport too?

  2. Hi,

    Did London Heathrow raised their prices on September 2012? Is these the current prices

  3. Hi,
    Many thanks for your message, these were the prices in June 2012.
    Jo x

  4. Thanks for this, it's very helpful! :) do you happen to know the prices for the classic chanel wallets? thanks in advance.

    1. I was recently looking for the Chanel WOC prices and I found this site: Chanel WOC Prices 2012

      Hope this helps,


  5. Hey Jo :) This is Charisse here... Are u selling Chanel bags? Can i purchase from you? I am highly interested in the Classic Large Flap bag model number A58600 Y01480 21209 (beige color) and the Paris/Bombay 2011/2012 Metiers d'art collection small reddish flap bag model number A67121 Y07603 81425. Please let me know the prices! Love ya, my chanel girlie! :) *hugs*


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